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Unhappy Hammie needs to rest, any advice on how to keep her busy?

So my little dwarf hamster is really active and she likes to jump off cliffs. I always try to be careful and keep an eye on her, but from time to time she falls to the floor from the sofa or the bed... Up until now she's been okay, but around 10 days ago she fell from the bed and it looked like she could be hurt. I checked her legs but everything seemed to be fine. She kept being active and running on her wheels. But a few days later i noticed that she was kinda limping from her right hind leg. I took her to the vet and he said it didnt look like anything was broken, but she appeared to have a concussion in that area, so he gave me an antiinflamatory medication for her and scheduled an appointment next week. No wheels allowed and he advised not taking her out of her enclosure so she could rest. I did as told. Fast forward to today and I took her to the vet again, she's still limbing so he made some X-rays. Turns out her leg-hip joint may be mildly dislocated and one of the right-side bones on her hip appears to be fractured

He told me to keep giving her the medication up until the 15 day mark. And no wheels up until the month mark since the accident. I feel bad for my hammie, cause one week without her wheels is bad enough, but one whole month no wheels and no going out seems cruel. The wheels are out of the question, and I will try not to take her out much, maybe just once every other day in a really controlled environment with no cliffs or high places.

I don't want her to feel trapped this whole month. Do you guys have any recommendations to make her life more enjoyable while she rests? Something I can add to her enclosure, some kind of snack, something that keeps her busy for a while... I would really appreciate it!
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