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Smile Re: Herbs, sprays and forage

My hamsters always have millet in their cages and the dwarfs especially like to strip the seeds off. I think they see it more as an activity than food. After a while there's a thick layer of it in the bottom of the cage where they hoard or sleep.
I buy the yellow and red millet from the bird section.
What i also buy is the Rosewood Pick N' Fly. They nibble on those. Some of them look like trees to a small hamster and they try to climb them to get to the seeds high up.
My little dwarf Edwina couldn't get to the top so she gnawed through the stem to fell it like a tree!

My lot doesn't like the strong smelling ones like the caraway and fennel sticks but hamsters like different things so it's a matter of trying out different ones.

I don't think there's a time limit to how long they can stay in a cage or a limit to quantity. Many people add lots of sprays, herbs and flowers in a natural look set up because they are edible if the hamster wants them and they look nice.

I always freeze everything for a week in case there are any bugs.
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