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Default Re: My Syrian Hamster Had Babies!

I’m glad you have good motivation with it at least and do care for the welfare of the hammies. Like I said I didn’t mean to sound blunt just there are some people who do breed for the sake of having babies and not really know what to do for the babies.

I’m also super happy to hear everything is coming along well. I would say if you were to breed anymore to make sure you do have 100% knowledge in it. If there’s any uncertainties make yourself know the answers well, as Ria said you’d need to look for health issues as well and know what to look for and have a vet fund put aside. I agree that three sounds like a reasonable maximum because the stress and health risks for the mother are too great to do too many times. She’d want to retire and live her life too.

Hope everything continues to go well but please do more research if you was to breed again, your intentions seem in the right place but just learn the risks for you and the hamsters so nothing is a surprise.
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