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Default Re: Bugs in seed mix

I would freeze your bag of seeds for a week to kill any bugs and eggs. No it won't do the hamster any harm but it could be moth larvae (moth eggs are common in pet foods and not visible unless they hatch out into larvae). Once moth larvae hatch you can get a complete infestation of food moths! (Been there, got the t-shirt).

So you have a few options:

1) Bin the bag of seed mix.
2) Freeze the bag of seed mix for a week - which should kill any moth eggs and larvae, but I am not entirely sure if that will kill other bugs or just make them dormant.

Then you have two more options:

1) Wait and see if all is ok - ie no bugs hatching out in the cage that you see and no fluttery moth appearing in the cage.
2) Do a full cage clean now.

I suspect as your hamster has only just pouched some you might be ok to leave the full cage clean for now and just observe and hopefully all will be fine.

If it is food moths, once a larvae hatches into a moth one moth can lay 200 eggs a day!
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