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You just click on the web address bar so it highights it then select copy, then on this page you tap on the forum box and then select paste . Easier on a laptop than a phone I find. Would it be portable enough with wheels on? If taking it to another house.

I actually don't think there is much choice at all for 50 for anything approx 80 x 50. 60 maybe. And for perspex tanks probably the Duna multy and an 8" wheel. I had some angst about using an 8" wheel even for a week in a holiday cage so managed to find a low height 11" wheel that fitted in my holiday cage. I am sure 8" would be fine for a week though. 9" is better but then they'd have to buy an expensive wheel like the silent runner. Although actually a 12" flying saucer would probably be fine for a week.
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