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Default Re: My Syrian Hamster Had Babies!

No it’s totally okay and I knew I would get this response and I’m okay with it. I would be the same way. I want them to have healthy and quality lives all of my hamsters. Oh and I’m not just breeding because my family and friends want baby hamsters if that was the case I would just tell them to go buy there own from a reputable breeder around the valley. I am breeding because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Coat patterns interest me as well. All my hamsters are Syrian so definitely not breeding different types of hamsters that’s never a good thing like you have said. I do have to admit yes there are some things I do not know about I am not 100% educated on everything. But I’m doing my best to provide the absolute best love and care they need. They are going to be 1 week old tomorrow. Yes I have heard some squeaking coming from the nest. The bedding is Aspen. Yes I took the wheel out at 13 days. She had the babies at 18 days. Oh and I won’t clean the cage until at least they are a month old.
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