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Default Re: My Syrian Hamster Had Babies!

I can answer the question about genetics. To be classified as an ethical breeder, owners must have several generations is successful offspring free from disease. Also certain patterns and types of hamsters within the same breed should never be bred together because of health risks. You need to know a lot about the genes and alleles of a hamster before you breed them.

I’m sorry to sound blunt, but from what you’ve said you don’t seem to know much about breeding responsibly and I would highly recommend you refrain from doing so until you have done thorough research on the topic. Breeding because family wants a hamster isn’t fair on the hamsters if you don’t know what you are doing. You should only breed if you genuinely have an interest in ethically breeding.

Health doesn’t come into genetics it is what you’re born with.

Glad to hear they’re all in separate cages too, another suggestion also is I think in the image you’re using wood shavings. I would recommend paper based substrates as wood shavings have been linked to respiratory problems, plus paper is just much nicer for them such as kaytee clean and cosy.
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