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Default Re: My Syrian Hamster Had Babies!

Thank you so much everyone for all the advice. I want to just leave them alone but I also sometimes wondered if me not even going over to the cage at all for a day or two would be bad.
But I guess it's good as long as there is enough food and water. I am confident that I can do that now. I just wanted to be sure. Also to answer your questions yes I did intend to breed my hamsters.
I only was wondering about Millet because I read it said when the babies turn 10-14 days old I should put millet around the nest. Also these hamster's are not related if that's what you
mean by genetics or if you mean like health related I do believe these hamsters are quite healthy I bought the girls from a reputable breeder from my town and I bought the boy from another reputable
breeder but not the same one. Also in the photo was when they were younger and since then I did seperate them all into there own cages. They all have there own bin cage now.
I also do have friends and family who already want a baby hamster when they wean. They are aware of how much hamsters cost yes. Thanks again everyone.
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