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Default Re: My Syrian Hamster Had Babies!


Iíve never been in this situation before but some serious advice. Please never feed your hamster uncooked chicken and also are these litters caused from previous care and youíve just found out? Or has this occurred because youíve allowed the females and male to interact?

Please donít let them interact if you are since having litters are incredibly risky for the mothers as much as the children.

All I do know is do not disturb them, and put too much food in the cage. If there isnít enough food the mother may eat itís young sort of as a coup de grace instead of starving so make sure there is plenty of food.

Donít go over the cage unless there is immediate concern.

And as for millet I buy it in pet stores, you can also buy it online but itís cheaper for me in pet stores. Itís not essential but can be nice for them.
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