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Default My Syrian Hamster Had Babies!

Hi! My name is Mikayla but I go by CactusFlower or CactusFlower801. I own 3 Syrian hamsters. 2 Females and 1 Male. My golden Syrian hamster named Honey had babies on April 30th but unfortunately as it was her first little they didn't make it I did everything right I feel like. I fed her boiled egg, uncooked chicken, fed her more food, more leafy greens, more fruit. But I also know that since it was her first litter that could explain it. Shortly after I noticed my other female named Xena was going to have babies! I started doing the same thing I did for my other hamster Honey. I fed her more protein and cleaned out the cage on the 13th day of her pregnancy that I believed. She had her babies on May 15th. I don't know exactly how many there are or if she's consumed any of them. I do check on them at least once a day when I bring her food. She had the babies in her igloo. So I carefully look inside the opening of it and they seem to be doing very well. I hope these babies will make it this time. That being said. I do have some questions if I could ask. A few of the question I haven't been able to find the answers by looking anywhere else online.

1. How often does the mom need protein?
2. Doesn't going into her cage to feed her so much upset her? I know I've heard to leave the babies alone for the first 2 weeks but I have to refill water bottle and give mom protein and other food and ensure she has enough hamster food right? But how do I be sure it doesn't upset her?
3. How many times should I limit myself to going over to the cage per day?
4. When do I start feeding the baby hamster's hamster food?
5. What is Millet and where do I get it?
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