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So sorry she had a bad dream. I'm wondering if the chattering and upset was over injuring her nose or having the dream (or maybe both). Is there anything she could have hurt her nose on in the cage? Always best to check. She could have just scratched it herself if having a bad dream though. Our first syrian had something similar one night. I heard this loud squeal from his house but he seemed fine the next day so I assumed it was just a bad dream. However I had just put in some natural leafy stuff, like a forest carpet type stuff that was supposed to be hamster approved and the dried leaves had stalks on. I did wonder if one had poked him in the eye. So to be on the safe side I removed it and didn't have any issues after that. Their eyes are so sensitive to damage.

What you describe of her chattering to call for you is definitely communication with us - and them trying to tell us something. Trouble is sometimes we have to work out what they're trying to tell us! So I usually do a full check then to see if everything in the cage is ok. Wheel working ok and not stuck (pushing substrate under it can jam it). Water bottle working ok and has water in and not drained, and is letting water out ok. any damaged or chewed items with sharp edges, that kind of thing.

They can get nose injuries from bars or mesh as well if they try and chew them. Do you have a nightcam? so you can see what she gets up to at night?

Anyway glad all is well now! Your time and effort is paying off with the bond and taming
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