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Default Another New Addition

Well today I added yet another member to the family. This brings my total count up to 4 hamster boys. Though I'll be honest, I surprised myself with the newest boy.

This is because my newest hamster is a Djungarian dwarf hamster. After a bad experience with a set of Robos, I swore that I would never again get anything of the dwarf variety. That I would only stick with Syrians because I knew that I could handle them.

After meeting this particular little fellow however, I couldn't help myself. I fell in love with him. Not only is he a gorgeous white but he's got the sweetest temperament I've ever seen on a hamster. He literally loves to snuggle with anyone who pays attention to him. Just put your hand in the cage and bam, he's jumping right into it.

Despite this sweet nature, I've decided to name the little guy, Yeti. It just sounds cute to me and thanks to that white fur, he does look like a little snowball.

While I don't have pictures of him yet, I will be posting some soon. As I know folks will be asking. I just want to give Yeti a little time to settle in before we go for a photo session.
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