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Default Re: Hamster Doesn't Like Thumb

Originally Posted by ilguy View Post
Sorry about that, it was pretty late when she popped out. I also saw your post in my searching for hamster thread: she is on Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blend.

That's absolutely amazing, they're much smarter than I bargained for before getting one! Has your new Syrian stopped with the nipping yet? I'd love to see some pics or videos of your ham too, they're too fun!
There's a video of his first day here in the cage on his thread (Raffy's Adventures) I have a couple more but haven't got round to sorting them out yet. I wore I glove the last couple of times. So he climbed on my hand on the glove, but tonight had a nibble at that too. So he clearly tests or "nips" anything he comes across to see if it's edible! It'll take time for me to be able to pick him up I think but he'll accept being stroked on the back (with a non gloved hand).

Sounds like Higgins Vita garden is the one to get then.

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