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Default Re: Hairless Hamsters

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
As far as i know hairless hamsters are bred by breeding hamsters that are not compatible genetically resulting in hamsters without fur.

It's unethical, cruel and should not be supported. Their life expectancy is shorter and they are more prone to illnesses.

It's like purposely breeding hamsters with genetic defects.

I used to want skinny pigs because i had no idea how they were bred and believed that they were a separate breed like the teddys for example.

It's a typical example of unscrupulous people trying to make money at the expense of the animal.

I may not have gotten all the facts right because my memory is bad but that's the gist of it.
Have you heard UK is considering banning the breeding of flat-faced dogs, including Pugs?

I think it's an interesting take and something that could be done for other animals, but I fear how it will actually be implemented.

Many of the articles I read mentioned the 4 dog breeds that are currently banned in England, however those dogs can be confiscated and "destroyed" as a result of their appearance. Will they do this for pugs too, given a new law comes in place? When Pit Bulls were banned, they rounded them up and "destroyed" them, too. Or perhaps mandatory sterilisation? I feel like that is a much better alternative to euthanasia of all banned breeds.
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