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Default Re: Hairless Hamsters

A pet youtuber got a hairless hamster the other year and there was a lot of backlash as she got it from a backyard breeder and she has not posted another video on youtube since. They have different requirements due to their skin and it is completely 100% unethical to breed them.

If you are on Instagram and part of that hamster community you will no doubt have seen a lot of posts about someone setting up a 'hamster colony' with different species of hamster after having proper hamster care for the last 2 years. Myself and a few friends have also done videos on this subject matter as sadly, it is becoming a 'thing' in certain countries. Again, not to be recommended at all.
As most of us on here will know there are so many people who have dwarf hamsters in pairs and they run into trouble with just 2, so multiply that and add in different hamster species, you are just asking for trouble.
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