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Default Re: Hairless Hamsters

Knowing the issues hairless hamsters face and how it's nothing like other hairless animals that can generally live a decent life regardless of their lack of a coat, I cannot ever in good conscience support their breeding.

Cohousing different species in general depends on the species. Obviously hamsters should never be kept with other species including other hamsters. Guinea pigs and rabbits are an example of two species which should never be allowed in the same enclosure - they can't properly communicate and rabbits can cause life threatening and even outright deadly injuries to guinea pigs. Of course an example of something acceptable would be keeping dogs and cats in the same house providing they're safe around each other. We also know very well in the hamster community to never allow dogs, cats, or other similar predatory species(such as ferrets) in the same room as hamsters or other prey animals. The prey & predator thing extends to rats and mice by the way as rats are natural predators of mice. Unfortunately, not every other pet community takes the predator/prey issue seriously even though everyone absolutely should.
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