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Default Re: Attention Seeking Hammy!

Hi, you may not want to hear this but the top reason for bar biting is because they need a bigger enclosure. A female Syrian ideally needs 100 x 50cm but some are fussy and may even need bigger. You could also have that size and still have this issue if there isnít enough enrichment/things to do in the enclosure.

Sheís stopping when you go up to her for two reasons, one: recognises that she may be let out which = more room, and two: all hamsters stop and look when any sound or movement is made because they have very poor eyesight. They stop to intensely listen and smell whatís coming. Itís not a teasing thing and bar biting is normally always trying to tell you something especially if itís constant.

If she only does it for a short span and stops it could also be caused by if your feeding through the cage bars, so if you do this start opening the cage and actively passing the food. I think youíve mentioned bar biting before though and as itís been this constant I would definitely say itís probably to do with the enclosure.
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