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Default Re: Do hamsters get lonely?

Originally Posted by LunaTheHamster1 View Post
I understand how it is with the bugs, i had them last year as so many people seemed to. Its a nightmare. Thats when recycling cardboard and plastic ceramic items can be your friend, because they can be cleaned easily or binned and cardboard costs nothing. Any ceramjc hides should be placed on the floor or on platforms so no accidental squashed hamsters.lots of people use things like ceramic bird feeders which you can sometimes find in shops such as aldi or lidl, i think i read you were in Poland, do you have those type shops there?I would suggest meshing the cage and trying to make it look semi cluttered with items in the cage. Also, how much does your hamster weigh?
Yes, we have lots of Lidls and Aldis over here. I literally live almost next both of the stores, but I usually go to a pet store for such things and haven't really found anything that useful. As I've already said I often have to order paper bedding online as well.
I posted a picture of him and the weight above this post. He's still overweight. He's my first hamster, but he already looked overweight when I bought him (actually that was the reason I bought him. He looked so cute) and then I gave him salads, carrots, and different sweets I found from the stores every day and when I got to the third vet she said he's extremely obese (he was 107g) and the reason why I mainly got so worried is that sometimes he's chirping and sometimes he's screeching while he's asleep and then later I noticed him losing fur on his tummy and so I took him to the other vet that claimed to specialise in rodents and other exotic animals. Now I've been feeding him 2 teaspoons per day of the food that the vet gave me and said he's supposed to be 40-50g, which is most likely true.

My mom keeps watching YouTube videos and saying that hamsters are supposed to be 120g etc and that I'm torturing my hamster by starvation and other things. She'll visit me soon and she promised to feed my hamster etc, so I'm a bit worried we're going to lose all of the progress we've made, but I'll try to convince her otherwise by showing the papers from the vet. Sometimes she has even yelled at me when I tell her that I'm not starving him. I hope it'll go well nevertheless.

What I'm most curious about is how old my hamster is. We've been together for one year soon and this has been a great experience. He was so afraid of me at first and startled at everything, but now he comes to me and I can hold him in my hand and pet him and I can touch him without him getting startled. I'm really grateful for you guys helping me and supporting me.
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