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Default Re: Do hamsters get lonely?

Great to hear he has a sand bath! It is a small image it might just be hard for me to see it XD yes I understand the removing situation and the fear of putting in new items after that but if you’ve had the all clear I would consider reintroducing some new enrichment.

Also I wouldn’t worry about taking space up in the cage with enrichment. Obviously you don’t want it where it’s difficult to get on the wheel or access food bowls etc but it’s good they have routes to explore. Also different hides. There’s a thread on here called “let’s see your cages” and it has good examples of what I mean. You don’t have to go as fancy or large as some of them are on there but it will give you a good idea.

As for the food chews I don’t mean any dog food! Just the whimzees chews are safe, they come in a variety of shapes but most people get the toothbrush ones for their hamsters.
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