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Default Re: Do hamsters get lonely?

Originally Posted by Lilafernim View Post
I also just want to add if finding a cage is difficult, you may be able to just mesh around the enclosure just make sure that any sharp ends aren’t exposed. If you can find a new cage or even a second hand one then I’d opt for that as mesh can be very fiddly!

I believe it’s a guinea pig enclosure though? So well done for going bigger on floor space but as said the bar spacing will be too big!

Also with the wheel, I use a Trixie wheel which are pretty cheap really, and are fully plastic so easy to clean and no holes for little feet to be trapped in.

You asked about other signs of cage aggression and I think in glass enclosures they do something called pacing instead of bar biting where they’ll rapidly go back and forth trying to scramble against the glass.

It’s great you use paper substrate, I just wanted to make one more suggestion and I know you say it’s hard to find pet supplies where you are. I just think the cage could do with a few more chews. Such as whimzees dog chews they love them. Alternatively, it is possible to collect things on walks like I sometimes get pine cones and bake them in the oven and then they can be placed in the enclosure. I bake mine but I actually wait a few days extra just to be EXTRA sure.

Also, this should be really cheap to do and I believe smaller breeds of hamsters thrive with this. Just get a sandwich container or a tub of some kind, and some children’s play sand. Bake the sand and sieve before using but you can get a massive bag of it for £5 here so it is cheap. And just make a sand bath for them they’d love it!
He already has a sand bath. He actually also had a bathroom for awhile (with the same sand in it), but he didn't use it, so unfortunately he pees and poops and washes himself in the sand bath and he also brings food there, which means he also eats there.
I've visited pet store many times when I have days off, but I cannot find paper bedding anymore, so I'll have to order online again. I still have regular bedding left, a big bag of it. I thought to use it someday. Currently it's in the fridge. He used to have bugs when I got him and I have no idea where the bugs came from and if he already had the bugs. I cleaned frequently and I cleaned everything in my apartment as well as I could and with vinegar and other substances. Someone here told that my apartment might be infested with bugs and there's a specific spot where they keep hiding and I haven't found it. I told about it to my friend and she said: "I don't believe it" and we booked a time together to a vet. He had no idea what those bugs were, but he gave him a shot and some things to clean the cage with and I had to wait for 8 hours and then clean wash the cage as well as I could after that otherwise my hamster would be poisoned and would die. He also told me to clean the toys, but I threw those toys away and bought new ones. He hasn't had bugs ever since and I washed his cage for 8 hours and other cleaning products and I washed his cage many times. It would appear I did a great job, since he's still alive.

"trying to scramble against the glass." - My hamster does it when I am near the cage, but when I go further away and peek him from the kitchen for example he's calm, but as soon as I go back he starts and sometimes he has managed to climb and climbs out through bars, but so far he has only done it when I am near. I feel like this is only a matter of time when he climbs out when I am not near.

Also, I took him to another vet and she said he's extremely obese (the first two vets didn't nor said anything about his weight). He has started to be more active and manages to do more now. Such as climbing out of the cage. He even once climbed on top of his house. We still have 25g to lose.

I don't know who that cage is for. I just bought the widest one from the pet store.

Wait, did I understand right that I'm supposed to get him dog chew toys? The thing over here is that you can find everything easily for cats and dogs but not for hamsters. You just have to buy online, but sometimes I've seen hamster toys. I'll go and check out today. What I am mostly afraid of is that the cage will be small when there are lots of toys.

Pinecones is another great idea! Thank you!
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