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Default Re: Do hamsters get lonely?

Originally Posted by AmityvilleHams View Post
You'll need to remove the wire wheel right away. Those are incredibly dangerous for small pets and can cause serious injury including bumblefoot, ripping toenails or entire toes off, and much more.

It also looks like you could possibly have a cage with very large bar spacing which of course inevitably leads to escape. You need 1/2 inch bar spacing for hamsters, nothing over that!
I was going to purchase another wheel anyways. He has three other wheels and. one of them is spinning hamster wheel, but he doesn't know how to use it. The last time I tried to show it to him I put him on there and spun it a little bit he bit me.

I can't find a good cage from any stores and everything delivered online is delivered by DHL and every time I've used them I've had awful experiences.
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