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Default Re: Do hamsters get lonely?

I also just want to add if finding a cage is difficult, you may be able to just mesh around the enclosure just make sure that any sharp ends aren’t exposed. If you can find a new cage or even a second hand one then I’d opt for that as mesh can be very fiddly!

I believe it’s a guinea pig enclosure though? So well done for going bigger on floor space but as said the bar spacing will be too big!

Also with the wheel, I use a Trixie wheel which are pretty cheap really, and are fully plastic so easy to clean and no holes for little feet to be trapped in.

You asked about other signs of cage aggression and I think in glass enclosures they do something called pacing instead of bar biting where they’ll rapidly go back and forth trying to scramble against the glass.

It’s great you use paper substrate, I just wanted to make one more suggestion and I know you say it’s hard to find pet supplies where you are. I just think the cage could do with a few more chews. Such as whimzees dog chews they love them. Alternatively, it is possible to collect things on walks like I sometimes get pine cones and bake them in the oven and then they can be placed in the enclosure. I bake mine but I actually wait a few days extra just to be EXTRA sure.

Also, this should be really cheap to do and I believe smaller breeds of hamsters thrive with this. Just get a sandwich container or a tub of some kind, and some children’s play sand. Bake the sand and sieve before using but you can get a massive bag of it for 5 here so it is cheap. And just make a sand bath for them they’d love it!
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