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Default Do hamsters get lonely?

Do hamsters get lonely? Whenever I google this question the answer is no, but the other day I visited my local pet store and hamsters were I saw hamsters together in the same cage and I only have one hamster, because I thought hamsters must be alone, but whenever I go near the cage my hamster tries to come to me and even tries to climb out the cage (unfortunately sometimes successfully) and he lets me hold himself in his hand and pet him. Whenever I'm not near his cage he calms down though.
Is it possible that he tries to escape when I'm near the cage because the cage is too small or he just wants some closeness?

What are the signs of cage aggression exactly? It's not possible for him to climb the cage. Are there any other obvious signs? Would he try to escape even if I'm not near the cage if it was cage aggression?

Also, I know I'm changing subjects, but he's not using his wheel in the cage, but he's using the same wheel on his playground. What's that all about?
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