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I've been so busy the past couple of weeks I've barely seen Kebab and also haven't had time to update this thread. Hopefully now things are a bit calmer I'll be able to start enjoying him.

I have put a large cork log under the shelf which forms a fairly gentle slope down to the bedding. I have also swapped the small sputnik for a large one. I've replaced the bendy bridge with a ledge and a hanging tube (the tube is tied to the side of the cage as well as hanging from the top so it doesn't move much). I haven't got around to cutting any cardboard or anything to cover the shelf yet but it doesn't seem as slippery as I thought it might be anyway so I might not bother. This new setup seems to be working really well for him. Usually there would be a coconut hide on the shelf next to the water bottle but it was drying after being washed when I took the photo.

Kebab himself is doing very well. He's reasonably active and potters around the cage every night. He's very friendly and comes to the cage door when he sees me. He's had no further trouble with his eye.

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