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Default Re: Hamster not drinking

Hi, more experienced people should answer soon with better more thorough answers than me. Iím just wondering how do you know for certain theyíre not drinking? When I first got my hamster she was very jumpy and I felt certain she wasnít drinking but I think she was just drinking while I was asleep. You could mark their water bottle and see if the level goes down, or additionally add a bowl of water if perhaps something is bothering them about the bottle.

Eventually I did hear mine drink, but it took a few days of worrying and as they drink such little amounts itís hard to tell. You could also add a few drops of water to their food or I think some people give like baby food to older hamsters which probably have a higher water content than dry food. You could try this just to put your mind at ease that theyíre having some fluids.
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