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Default Re: Is etsy of interest for sourcing hamster supplies?

Originally Posted by Lilafernim View Post
I just had another idea that I think a lot of people would like. You could make a ‘garden kit’ and just have some ceramic pots, coco soil and some hamster safe plants that people can put it their cages.
This would unfortunately be a very bad idea and would go against proper safe hamster care really. Live plants inside a cage aren't suitable for hamsters - they're far too prone to adding things like mold spores into the environment, and another major issue is that they add a ton of humidity into the enclosure which for hamsters is a very dangerous thing that can harm their respiratory health. A good alternative though would be having completely safe dried plants like various safe sprays.

As to the original question of the thread - yes, with caution and discretion. There have been things on Etsy just as any other source that aren't safe, some more dangerous than others, even though there have also been some really nice things too. I also noticed within recent years Etsy seems to have gotten plenty stores that seem to essentially just be drop shipping businesses which does sort of defeat the purpose & eliminate one of the huge appeals of Etsy which would be supporting actual small businesses rather than mass manufacturing, so that is another thing to consider with various shops if you're looking towards Etsy trying to support smaller businesses.

Etsy can be a really good source for natural toy parts if you look carefully for safe materials. A lot of sellers are far more transparent there in terms of where things came from, how they've been processed, etc compared to Amazon and similar websites which can be a nice change.
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