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Default Re: Is etsy of interest for sourcing hamster supplies?

That’s crazy Serendipity! I only just noticed as I’ve come back on, I thought that was quick for a response! I just had another idea that I think a lot of people would like. You could make a ‘garden kit’ and just have some ceramic pots, coco soil and some hamster safe plants that people can put it their cages. I sometimes find it hard to find small pots or sometimes you just need a small amount of coco soil for example when only want a little amount. So I think that would be a great idea.

Also on the house idea, I do wish there was a basic cheaper one as said it’s a box with holes in! I haven’t had rodipet ones myself but if they’re a good size then it could be good to base the dimensions of of them. Maybe have removable rooms/sections so you don’t have to cut them out.

I think a lot of ideas can be taken from pre-existing products and just making them better. Also, as touched on, a lot of times the cheapest but most logical option is to get guinea pig or rat products were dimensions aren’t exactly designs for hamsters so just even taking this into consideration would interest a lot of people. I’m actually really enjoying coming up with ideas!
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