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Default Re: Is etsy of interest for sourcing hamster supplies?

Hi, I love some of the ideas so far!

I just wanted to make some suggestions myself of things I’ve thought of doing but will never be able to. Firstly, themed chew toys. I know this is mainly for our pleasure but if I wanted a chew toy you get a choice of a stick, carrot or circle. A lot of people do themed cages so a woodland set, or a space set, or I’ve seen on here someone do a beach theme so do a set with a bucket and space, a starfish some fish chews. Even do set ideas based on popular movies. I know the hamster won’t understand but it’s fun for them and allows cages to be more fun.

Also, a lot of people like natural cages, so if you can think of something that isn’t wooden, make a wooden version of it. Bowls, shelves, Sputniks, anything that there isn’t a wooden version of make a wooden version. (I know shelves is a poor example because Trixie does some but I’m trying to think of the top of my head and I mean longer lengthens shelves also)

Underground cosies would be cool as well. This might just be me but it would be cool to see like a wooden box with just a tube out of it, and you put it under bedding with the tube out the surface so it’s literally a little hideaway for them. It also is floor space saving since you could put other accessories on top of it whilst it’s ‘underground’. Just definitely make sure it’s cleanable (roof comes off)

Finally, again maybe just me, it’d be cool to see more interactive toys. I know there’s a few but mostly a hamster goes on it’s wheel. A reinvention of a safe version like a mini treadmill would be amazing and sweet but obviously unrealistic XD. But a bit like Skinners rat experiment (not the electric shock one!) where they click a button and the treat would drop. Or if they pull on a stick have something else move or drop that they can investigate. Or a puzzle box that’s not just holes but maybe they have to open like a cupboard door or slide things to get to the centre using their teeth.

I don’t know if the last idea would even work but I just find a lot of hamster toys to be quite mundane and lack variety. It’s normally just cardboard and chew to get the treats but I would find this boring after a while if I was a hamster and variety would be nice. Also any wooden crafts should coat in plastikote and maybe if you do sell you should print out a leaflet for proper hamster care. I know most on Etsy probably already know but they could promote it or it might teach them something new too.
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