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Default Re: Bird - infected foot?

He technically has a cage that we got to sleep in but they get separation issues. I made these platforms around the house because they have sort of ‘hotspots’ like the door. My door, top of the Hoover and my partners wardrobe mostly. So they perch on those and then I use paper underneath them to catch any ‘droppings’ and the cage is more for emergencies now, they hated it and would flap against it trying to eat out I was worried one day in the night they may get injured so just made the platforms instead.

My desk has all food and water but they’re very free to fly in the house, if they’re naughty we might shut them in a room for a bit to calm down. We were going to get a massive second hand cage to live in but we haven’t got the space and the platforms work. They normally just sleep on the hoover good as gold and flies to wake me in the morning which I won’t lie, is very irritating some mornings lol
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