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Looking at the pictures again you can't have a screw in bendy bridge at the front as the shelf is right up to the door opening! And looks like you may have something at the back for access to the shelf? But I would be a bit concerned about the height and levels as he's two years old.

Rat sputniks might be better as lower. And the long bendy bridge at the back does seem a bit high maybe. Maybe you could tie a long rat tube to the back bars, leading right onto the shelf with the other end right over the house roof (house would need to be a bit higher then maybe, unless the tube is tied sloping down at one end.

I just know easy access and shallow angles are much easier for them at that age so they can still enjoy levels.

Hope you don't mind me mentioning that! By two years 3 months I have often had to remove all levels and sputniks and set everything up at ground level - or just one very low level. And add extra hides and tubes instead.
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