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Originally Posted by Lilafernim View Post
That’s lovely to hear! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like I was saying he wasn’t loved before. I only meant if they hadn’t had known you and had to find a different owner, being 2 years old already I think there would’ve been some difficulty and you wouldn’t truly know who he was going to.

It’s nice you’ve taken him in and gave him such a lovely home already. If you still have contact with the previous owner maybe you could ask them to send a voice message and play it to kebab, see how he reacts!

I used to have a hamster who’d do the same thing with the food, or anything for that matter. They’d always be little piles around the cage in the morning! It’s a shame they couldn’t stay with him but sometimes life interrupts unfortunately, and kebab was lucky enough to fall into your hands for care.
That's ok, I know what you meant. They've asked me to keep them updated on how he gets on.
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