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Default Re: Introducing little Minx


Well I was supposed to be going to Croatia tomorrow, but unfortunately the dreaded COVID hit me on Sunday, so now I'm unable to go - but that's enough about that.

With Little Minx, obviously with the situation, I've been wearing gloves and mask when feeding her (and all my other animals) and she's been very confused by it and hasn't really come out much since Sunday. When I have seen her she seems fine though and I still hear her being very active when the lights are off. I am hoping to win her confidence again when I test negative again and she can smell my fingers properly.

She still has her "massive" stash of food inside her terracotta house - so I might decant some of her food out of that when I test negative and maybe see if she'll move her nest back in. I have also cut back her food as well - so she might be "boy-cotting" me for that reason as well lol. Might try her on a tiny piece of cheese tonight - she's not had it before so hopefully she'll approve. Mum has also put aside a couple of peas for her as well lol.

Will update next week on Little Minx - was supposed to have photos this post, but having to postpone as limiting access with Little Minx due to virus.

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