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Default Re: Hamsters and Covid...

Maybe not the place to post this but apparently they’ve done it again recently with hamsters.

Pets and COVID-19: Experts say vigilance needed but risks small | Coronavirus pandemic News | Al Jazeera

I personally think this is awful and I know I’m not a virologist but animals are normally capable of carrying diseases and often don’t react to them in the same way as us.

Especially now as already said, this is an airborne virus. Less people are wearing masks and people are vaccinated so either you’ll have a natural immunity or a synthetic immunity to it. It even says on the report hamsters don’t get the same symptoms and literally culling them to stop the spread when I think proper confinement and controlled conditions would also be fine instead of killing!

Sorry rant over, from what it said anyway if your hamster does catch it the symptoms won’t be as bad as in humans. The concern is their spread onto us so just wash hands for handling but you should have some immunity built up by now.

Also, only some Syrian species caught it, dwarfs residing next to them didn’t catch it so there should be no concerns anyway.

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