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Default Re: Bird - infected foot?

That’s one of the reasons I wanted to keep them Ria. In the wild they only live for three years but in captivity they can live for up to twenty! It feels like releasing them is almost killing them.

And thank you cloudy for looking all this up it’s very kind. Originally Filbert was Devine but being mating season they’ve become agitated and we’ve learnt that unless they mate, they could do it all year round. We think they see me as their mate also, so my poor OH keeps getting attacked and chasing him around the house and will coo all the time.

That’s what initially spurred on the thought that it’s nicer weather and if we do a slow release they may be able to start there own family and we can still see them and bring them indoors at night or winter or whenever. And flying around the estate really calmed them down actually and they’d just flown down and landed on my head to come back in.

I’d still keep them but the biggest problem as well is they’re a wild bird and in the uk it’s illegal to house a wild bird unless authenticated by a vet or housing for only a couple of days. We didn’t mean to keep them this long either just when we first found them and the parents hadn’t come back they couldn’t even lift their head. We should’ve just called a rescue though but we love animals so thought we were doing right by doing it ourselves.

I live in a flat and have to move out soon and again I’d take them with us but unless I privately owned my own house if we ever got caught with them in here we can actually get prosecuted for it. I don’t want to let them go but it’s not sensible to keep them either. Even if we had our own garden I’d 100% keep them because you could get a massive aviary but I don’t have a garden or the money for an aviary.

Also on a side note, I don’t know why it looked so bad this morning but the swelling has gone down. Still a bit swollen and yellow in colour but maybe they just really needed the rest. If the foot heals okay we may keep them longer but taking them to a rescue eventually may be the only option we have, i’m just not sure entirely what to do.
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