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Default Re: Bird - infected foot?

Thank you all for your suggestions! I have now emailed the avian veterinary service and asked me what they can tell me or how an appointment would work. I also did check the royal veterinary college but it’s saying it’s only allowing online appointments for cats and dogs at the moment and exotic appointments will have to be made through the hospital. I don’t think they could tell me much over the phone either and it doesn’t look like they do doves. Ideally I need somewhere in Essex or someone who could just tell me if somehow it’s infected which I think has to be tested in person to be found out.

Also Ria I know when I asked if they were a boy or girl you sent some of these and I found a brilliant rescue that helped but now they’re temporarily closed for some reason? I’ve left a message for a wildlife rescue is Essex and the bird rescue in Colchester hasn’t responded to my email.

I just don’t understand what’s happened, there is no open wound, I wonder if it’s just really bad bruising but it wasn’t that tight nor was it on for long. The only good news is they’ve perked up a bit from this morning and has eaten a small amount at least. The leg still looks the same though but think they’re enjoying being spoilt rotten lol. Hopefully someone will reply soon with advice or I’ll just book one of those telephone appointments.
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