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Default Bird - infected foot?

Hi everyone,

I have tried finding bird forums, but none seem to be active or at least they don’t answer my questions. I just had something relatively serious occur and need some advice.

As some of you may know last winter we rescued Filbert the collared dove. We raised them from a hatchling and with the nicer weather we have been doing a controlled entrance back into the wild. We actually are able to let her fly around the estate and she’ll come back to us!

We were worried she/he would eventually go and wouldn’t arrive back so wanted to get her a clip to identify them by. But the one we got was way too small and we had to cut it off luckily with no bleeding. It was on for a minute maybe two.

The next day though her leg has swollen and today it’s gone sort of purple in colour. They’ve lost their appetite, just keeps sleeping, she normally attacks our feet but she just wants to sleep.

I’ll attach a picture so you can see. Our closest vet I’ve already called and they don’t see birds apparently. I’ve also messaged a bird rescue near us and they’re ignoring us. We don’t have a car so anywhere super far is out the option.

We’ve been using aloe Vera on their leg and going to try some cinnamon as well as apparently it’s antibacterial. Either they’re resting because they’re recovering OR something has seriously gone wrong and they’re ill.

Just want to know if anyone has seen something similar or know any other places I could go. I feel awful as if we’d just left them be none of this would’ve happened.

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