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Default In Memory of Speedy - For Stephanie

Dear little Speedy,
So sad to hear that you have gone.
Even though I didn't know you,
Your memory will live on.

I know your hoomans loved you,
because they welcomed my ideas.
A bigger house for you to live in,
which gave you more room to explore.
A sand bath to clean your fur,
and frolic in when you were bored.
A big silent wheel so you could run,
and not be disturbed.
Some different treats and food
so you could taste the world.

I know that they are sad,
as well as I am sad too.
But I hope that in time they will see
that another needs their love
just like you.

I will tell them you have passed the torch,
so that another will be saved.
Never to replace you,
But to be loved just the same.

So run free little Speedy
as fast as you can.
I will miss you and sharing with you
all that I can.
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