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Default Wheel messup and customizing platforms…

So I got my package today, a huge box of hamster goodies. Very pleased with the size of the rainbow bridge from rosewood aswell as the bendy bridges! For the price I paid I was thinking they would be much smaller.

But as the title suggest they messed up my wheel order, I ordered the 28cm Trixie silent wheel, and got the 33cm one! It is HUGE!!! I am thinking it might be too big? I dont know if it will fit in the cage even! xD

Also the design of the cage makes it impossible to fit the platforms in the corners so I will have to customize them, I think chopping the corners off will mend that. They are wooden so should be able to borrow hubbys multi cutter and just slice em off. Might slap some plastikote on them aswell if my Amazon app would just stop glitching and let me order it.

I will present a pic of the cage once I am happy with the overall look, it looks a mess right now. I might chuck out that large green monster of a platform that came with the cage, it takes up so much space! And it is hardly practical. Also such an eyesore with the nice natural theme I got going on with the wooden stuff. I would like two smaller platforms in each corner instead, wooden ones to go with the look of the cage.

So I need to scramble and get everything together before we get Shaun on friday, I want everything to be perfect for him before he arrive as I would hate to upset him by making adjustments while he is trying to settle. The wheel is not something of priority if its too big because acording to the breeder he should not have one until he is 4 months old? O.o
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