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Default Re: Introducing little Minx

Looking forward to see more photos of little Minx.

A scoop of the Rodipet mix sounds fine to me but she wouldn't eat another scoopful of sunflower/mealworms on top of that.
I'd give a couple of sunflower seeds in their shell instead because they like cracking the shell open. A couple of mealworms as treats per day should be enough because they'll be in the dwarf mix as well.
She'll probably enjoy a pinch of brown linseeds and a little fresh greens in the evening too.

Hamsters eat so little but hoard a lot. That's just what they do and the hoards could be anywhere. One of ours uses his coconut hide as his food store but sits to groom in the ceramic hide next to it. Any treat i give him, he immediately runs off with it to put in his coconut. There are other hoards as well of course, inside his house.

When he starts to sleep in his hide he has stuffed so much inside his house that there is no more room for him and that's when i prune the hoard back and remove some of the bedding. He moves straight back in because he loves his house.
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