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Default Re: Introducing little Minx

Hello - thought'd I'd update everyone on Little Minx as I've now been back from holidays since Friday afternoon.

Originally Posted by cloudy View Post
I hope you have a lovely break.
Cloudy - yes I did thank you. It did feel a bit weird being in the same accomodation with 10 other people (in fact at one point my anxiety kicked in), but after I had settled and had my first night's sleep, I felt a bit better.

But anyway, back to Little Minx as it's her thread, not mine

Well from what my best friend has told me, all has gone well for Little Minx last week and my friend was able to come in daily (wasn't sure about a couple of night's) in the end which I am definitely pleased about.

One thing that has surprised me is that Little Minx has moved her bedding into her thick kitchen roll tube, rather than in the terracotta house, and seems to have made quite a food store in the terracotta house instead. Bit concerned by this as I only feed her one scoop of Rodipet Dwarf Junior, plus a scoop of sunflower hearts/mealworms a night - could this mean I need to cut down a little on her food or do I need to decant some of her food store?

Little Minx seems really pleased to see me now, as she almost did a "Bonnie-Smoosh" last night lol. She literally threw herself off her wheel to get to the tank door, so I am hoping this is a sign that she is wanting to come out and explore a bit now - she was too nervous to do this before I went away lol.

Haven't had much time to take any photos since I came back, as I literally came home on Friday pm, crashed almost as soon as my head hit my pillow (thanks to me stupidly taking my night medication instead of my day meds lol), and have been at work yesterday and today. Working again tomorrow, but have got Tuesday off, so will see if I can get a couple of photos - might be worth taking one of her food store as well.

Any suggestions on the food situation would be gratefully received

Mweekie xx

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