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Default Ikea platsa

Saw online lots of people using the IKEA PLATSA. Decided to give it a go, but it has so far been a failure.

There's a few sizes you can get.

60x40cm - 372sq inches
80x40cm - 496sq inches
60x60cm - 558sq lnches
60x80cm - 744sq inches
60x120cm - 1116sq inches (one I have)
80x120cm - 1488sq inches

I had some issues off the bat. I followed a tutorial who went with the 80x40. Big mistake, because the 60x120 was built differently with different parts.

There's also a misalignment in mine - the wood for either side were different lengths, meaning I'll have to sort that somehow make them the same length to securely attach the acrylic.

I'll get some photos in soon when I've fixed this, but I'm not sure if this cage is worth the hassle.
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