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Default Re: Happy Hamsters: The most important thing... IMHO

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
Oh they really don't like their wheel being taken away or replaced! Best to try and clean it during the day and pop it back again the same day! Even then they sometimes won't use it when it's been cleaned as their scent is all removed. I used to have to put a treat in the wheel to tempt them back in again and then they'd get going again.
I replaced her wheel and no coaxing was needed on my part. That's a relief. I also went to the local pet shop and this is what I purchased from there:

Sunseed Vita Prima Hamster Food which states on back of package: Crude Protein min 14.%, Crude Fat min 4.0%, Crude Fiber max 12.0%, Moisture max 13.0%.

I also purchased Kaytee Forti-diet Pro Health Hamster and Gerbil Food which states on back of package: Crude Protein (min.) 13.5% Crude Fat (min.) 6.0% Crude Fiber (max.) 12.0% Moisture (max.) 12.0% Omega-3 Fatty Acids (min.) 0.1%.

I placed them both IN the freezer and nexterday evening I will pour them both into a Rubbermaid Cereal Keeper together. I'll shake vigorously to mix and serve at room temperature.

This pet shop has mostly supplies for Dogs, Cats, Birds, and Fish. There is only one aisle for small pets that include Rabbits, Hamsters, Rats and even Gerbils. I am limited on products unless I drive to the City to where there is a Petsmart or order online through Amazon. They only offer Sweet Harvest, Kaytee and Sunseed Vita Prima. That's it.

I also checked out a online site called Chewy, is this a reputable place that offers quality and good products as well as delivery service? I ask because Amazon deliveries seems to deliver me damaged boxes, the contents seem alright but the boxes look like it was either dragged behind the vehicle or bounced around in the back. It is not my fault the road to my place isn't paved!

The other pondering thought in my head pertaining to the food be am I able to store the food in the refrigerator? The temperatures here in the summer has me placing some of my can food in a secondary refrigerator because the temperature in the pantry gets warm at times. I know Spring hasn't even arrived yet, but I need to know before Summer comes. I am always one season ahead on certain things in my life, especially 'food' wise.
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