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Default Re: Happy Hamsters: The most important thing... IMHO

I agree with that completely. There is an added dimension to right cage etc - and that is interaction, bonding and out of cage time. Plus stability. They absolutely do need routine and stability and usually react badly to change (ie something being removed or changed or too much cleaning out). My experience is they are fine with something new being added - that's interesting. But if it means moving things around - some will accept that better than others.

I've had a hamster who would give you very black looks and go in a huff for days if something even moved an inch (had to adjust his sputnik to once). And would also be anxious about it. Their cage is their "real world" and a full cage clean must seem like an earthquake!

I know there are some people who think big cages aren't everything or that the hamster is more likely to have less out of cage and interaction if in a very large cage where they enjoy the cage. So it's a balance maybe.

There are some hamsters who are in slightly under minimum recommended size but spend a heck a lot of time out of the cage with their owner and become very bonded. And are happy. Cage size can also be a bit individual. I had one Syrian who preferred the 80 x 50 to the 100 cm cage - which is unusual for a syrian. But it's not just the size either - it's the access. A less gregarious hamster is more difficult in a cage with small doors. I think they all seem to like the large front opening doors (also better for human interaction. Although that's just cages obviously. A hamster in a tank will get used to a different method of leaving the cage.
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