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Default Happy Hamsters: The most important thing... IMHO

I've seen several Youtube videos that proport to explain what your hamster needs to be happy. Things like a large cage, deep bedding, a sand bath, a carefully chosen diet, for example.

These are all fine and I would agree with all of them. However, there's something none of these videos seem to mention.

I've been a dog owner all my life and a recent cat owner, now, as well. If there is anything animals crave more than anything else other than love from their owner... it's routine.

Doing the same thing at the same time each day is more important to animals than all the fancy things you can buy them. Animals seem to crave routine. It's the best way to keep them stress free and allow them to live a long, peaceful life.

As I watch my new pet on the hamstercam in the evening and early morning hours it's clear he repeats what he did the day before. From looking for his fresh veggies when he emerges from his slumber to stuffing his face with dry food just before running down the pipe in the morning. The same thing at the same time, over and over.

A happy hamster.
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