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Default Re: New hamster boy, so yay?

Update for Jaeger. Well he's getting his first lessons in how to behave. I usually feed all my boys when I get off from work. That means that they get their dinner and a treat at about the same time each night. It's not a perfect schedule but it keeps things regular.

Well one thing I do before giving them a treat is what I call Nightly Greetings. That's basically where I talk to each one individually, then put my hand in the cage so that they can smell me. I've found that it helps them to recognize me better. If they sniff and then let me give them a stroke without any biting, then they get a treat. That way they learn that being nice means they get something tasty.

Daxter has been doing this for months, so there's no issue with him. Rasputin is a little younger but he's getting the idea. So they got their treats for the night. Jaeger on the other hand, tried to take a snap. Which meant that he got dinner but no treat. Hopefully a couple of nights of this will help him realize that biting means no goodies.
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