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Default Re: What else do I need?

Houses - this is the one I used for our Syrians. It's not cheap! But they all loved it because it's dark inside. They usually nest in the front left chamber and use the middle back one as a toilet. The terracotta dish means you don't have to take the whole roof off to empty the toilet - you just take the dish off (large hole underneath).

It needs to be supported though due to the weight of a large house, in case they tunnel under it and it subsides on them. Rodipet sell legs for it. Or you can glue 6" dowels on for legs. It also doubles up as a shelf.

Rodipet« Hamster House Maze DaVinci 41x26 cm, ě 7cm +terracotta

Or they do these smaller ones with two or three rooms and a piece of granite on top (good for keeping nails trim or catching splashes from a water bottle).

Houses Rodipet« +GRANiT

Or you can make a shoebox house Which is much cheaper. That's just one large room. Cut the base out of the shoebox and keep the lid as a lift off roof. Cut a hole for a door on one of the long sides at one end (they'll nest at the other end). It's light so no need to be supported underneath. And put the litter tray at the end opposite the door.
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