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Default Re: New hamster boy, so yay?

Oh wow, he looks cute. With your patience, kindness and care I’m sure he’ll be settling in soon. Lovely to hear he’s been saved from a return to the pet store.

We’ve had a similar thing with our new hamster, my daughter’s friends have had hamsters who have all been super friendly pretty much from the off but for some reason our new hamster (we are first time owners) just seemed very fretful all the time. To be honest I didn’t really expect to be bitten with no warning and sadly it did put my daughter off…….. but no way would I return him, we already love him so much and now nearly 9 weeks in we are not at the holding to give him a stroke/cuddle stage but we can stroke him in his cage or play pen and he’ll come right to the front when the door is open. If he’s happy to come out in his playpen he’ll hope in a plastic jug for us to move him from his home to the pen and back again. I do this slowly and carefully so he is not scared, in fact I’m sure he now knows it means he’s coming out for some playtime and he sits peering over the jug edge and I’m super careful to make sure he won’t suddenly jump. My daughter is slowly gaining confidence around him too, it’s just going to be a slower process. It’s such a shame people give up on them so quick but I can kinda see how it happens. This site has been a real treasure for me. They all have different personalities and as I’ve learnt from this site, maybe our hammy just isn’t very sociable but as long as he’s happy we’re happy.
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