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Default Re: What else do I need?

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
You need a big house but you can make a shoe box house. I'd also get a coconut hide (petsathome). You can get chew sticks and whimzees online or petsathome as well. If it's too bare then you can make hides from cardboard boxes until you see some you like. A freestanding platform to create levels with a long bendy Trixie bridge leading up to it could be an idea.
A new habitat is work in progress for a while because you'll find out what the hamster does and wants once they start to settle in.
There are plenty of household items you can use for hides like flower pots, mugs, oil burners, Pringle tubes etc.
I wouldn't worry about moss, you can add greenery with dried hamster herbs, millet sprays etc.

I'd set it all up and post a photo.
Been meaning to set it up but because I'm moving it's been a bit hectic. I should be able to get it all done by Thursday night hopefully, or worst comes to the worst, Friday night.

& Thanks for the link!
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