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Default What else do I need?

I will be (hopefully) bringing home a hamster this upcoming Saturday and so want to get everything ready for them before they come home.
So far, I've gotten the following:
  • IKEA PLATSA cage 120x80
  • Trixie 28cm Silent Spinner Wheel
  • Carefresh Natural Bedding
  • Kaytee Natural Bedding
  • 113l of Aspen shavings
  • Trixie sand bath
  • Coconut Soil
  • Small Animal Carrier
  • ProRep Cork Bark Short Tube, Medium
  • Trixie Natural Living Bridge, 22 x 10 cm
  • Glass Drinking Bottle, 177 ml
  • Hedgehog Bowl for Food or Water, 200 g, orange
  • Komodo Natural Sand
  • Allazone Wooden Maze Tunnel
  • Nature First Large Willow Tube
I am a bit worried the cage will look super bare and have too many open spaces but can't find many suitable natural looking hides on Amazon. I still need chews also, but can't find any. And I also can't seem to find any moss? I have seen some Etsy sellers selling moss in batches of like 50g, but that doesn't seem like a massive amount?
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