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Default Re: New hamster boy, so yay?

Congratulations for saving Jeager!

I have two Syrians who were "nasty" hamsters who bit their previous owners. They bit because they were scared and had to live in small, bare cages with wheels so small they weren't able to run in. They had nowhere to hide and were exposed to the grabbing hands of small children along with clueless parents who expected the hamster to "perform" and instantly turn ino their child's new fluffy toy.

I housed them in 85cmx5cm cages with 28cm wheels, a guinea pig sized house and lots of enrichment then left them alone to settle and destress.
The new environment alone worked wonders and with time, love and patience they turned out to be friendly and confident hamsters with lovely temperaments who don't bite at all.

Looking forward to hear more about Jeager and his progress. He is a lucky hamster to get a second chance of a home where he will be loved and cared for.
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